In Search of the Wise Men 

-Who were the wise men?

-Where did they come from?

-What kind of healthy living plan did they have?

-What kind of businesses did they have to be able to take a journey over several years?

-Why did they follow?

-Why did so many chose not to follow?

In Search of the Wise Men tells the story of Raymond, a middle aged department manager who unexpectedly gets a layoff notice in his paycheck. He goes on an emotional roller coaster of hurt, betrayal, anger, fear and sadness as he contemplates his past, present and future. Reluctantly, Raymond agrees to his pastor’s invitation to mentor with Ralph, who introduces his to the Biblical story of the wise men. Raymond’s journey uses Biblical wisdom, classic literature, inspirational insights, and the laws of conscious creation to model the wise men and to follow our star.
In tradition of best-selling books by Og Mandino, Paulo Coelho or Andy Andrews, In Search of the Wise Men is destined to become a classic.

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Power

    How the wise men used their personal power to follow the star.

  • Wealth

    What kind of businesses did the wise men have to be able to journey over several years and to take meaningful gifts?

  • Health

    What kind of health regiment did the wise men have to cross vast deserts and rugged mountains?

  • Connection

    How was their relationship with the wives, children and each other?

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I love everything about this book!! As a seeker of knowledge and truth myself, this book has it all! I love how it weaves together so much TRUTH that is usually found in different places (i.e. Leadership Education, Universal Laws, Belief Breakthrough & Mindset). It's all found within the same book which makes for mind-blowing connections. I love the parable format too. As Raymond grew, I grew too! I was a different person when I finished the book than when I started. I am recommending this book to everyone I know.


I was enthralled the moment I started reading this Awesome book! It was so easy to put myself in the main character's situation and see so many similarities between myself and him. I don't want to give away any spoilers but I've experienced a lot of what he has which really helped to bring the book to life. This book is a very easy read and very enjoyable - I especially enjoyed the author's humor and writing style. I highly recommend this book!

Jon P
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